day 06: Grand Canyon NP - Page - Glen Canyon NRA - Lake Powell


.                Our route on day 06 (lenght: 157 miles / 254 km)

.                      Petra & Nick at Grand Canyon

                       Moran Point, Grand Canyon NP, AZ

After a cold night in Grand Canyon National Park, it was about 14 F / -10 C, we left the Trailer Village RV Park to explore the East Rim. The East Rim Drive is a 25 miles (16 km) long part of Highway AZ-64, which connects Grand Canyon Village to the west with Desert View to the east. At East Rim Drive there are some spectecular view points and opportunities to start hiking into Grand Canyon. Our first stop was at Yaki Point. Here we saw the first chipmunk, which was very close to us, looking for some food. At Grandview Point we went hiking down the Grandview Trail. As most parts of the canyon walls at South Rim are in the shadow for the most time of the day, we saw a lot of snow on the ground. Even the trail was icy at some parts, although the temperature was already rising to about 72 F / 22 C to that time. After about one mile we turned back to the Trailhead. At Moran Point and Lipan Point we had some very good views of the Colorado River, which flows about 5400 ft. (1600 m) deeper at the bottom of the canyon.



The Watchtower at Desert View, inside Grand Canyon National Park, is built on the highest point of the South Rim (7438 ft. / 2267 m). The 70 ft. (21 m) tall building is modeled on towers of ancient Indians ot the Southwest, designed by architect Mary E. J. Colter and constructed in 1932. The Watchtower offers spectacular views of the nearby Painted Desert and Colorado Plateau. Inside you find decorations made by Indian artist Fred Kabotie. He used images taken from rock carvings, Hopi legends and sand paintings.

    .         Moran Point, Grand Canyon NP, AZ                   Desert View, Grand Canyon NP, AZ                  Cameron Trading Post, Cameron, AZ

As we left Gand Canyon National Park to the east on Highway AZ-64, we entered the Navajoland. The Navajoland, called the Navajo Nation, stretches far into New Mexico to the east and into Utah to the north. Every few miles there where market stands at the side of the road, where you can buy handcrafted jewelery, dream catchers, rugs, gifts and clothes made by Navajo people. After turning north on Highway US-89 we stopped at the Cameron Trading Post. The Cameron Trading Post was established in 1916, a few years after the bridge over the Little Colorado River was errected in. The Trading Post includes a general store, a huge indian art and jewelery shop, a gallery, a restaurant, an US Post office and a fuel station.

    .                      Navajo Roadsale, AZ                            Cameron Trading Post, Cameron, AZ            Highway US-89 near Bitter Springs, AZ

After a few more stops at roadsided market stands we reached Page, located at the southwestern end of Lake Powell. Our first stop was at a shopping center, to by some food at a Bashas Supermarked, filling our storage in the RV. Then whe crossed the Colorado River at Glen Canyon Dam and stopped at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center. Whe walked back crossing the river to get some views of the dam and Lake Powell to one side and to the Colorado River flowing about 700 ft. (210 m) deeper through the not flooded south end of Glen Canyon.

The Glen Canyon Damm, which impounds Lake Powell is a 710 ft. (216 m) high structure and spans 1560 ft. (476 m). Construction of the dam began in 1956. It was completed in 1962, but the lake did not completely fill until 1980. In 1972 the lake and surrounding countryside was incorporated into Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.



Lake Powell is the second larget man-made lake in the USA, stretching 186 miles (300 km) from the Glen Canyon Dam in Page, Arizona to Hide, Utah. Including the numerous flooded side canyons, Lake Powell has more than 2000 miles (3200 km) shoreline, more then the entire west coast of the USA. Lake Powell is named after John Wesley Powell, the famous explorer, who made two hazardous trips by rowboats down the Green and Colorado rivers in 1869 and 1871. John Wesley Powell was it Glen Canyon its name, which is flooded by Lake Powell today.

.   Western end of Lake Powell from Space

.                                                   Lake Powell from space

After crossing the dam and entering Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, we had to drive another 5 miles to reach Wahweap, Arizona, were we stayed the next night. We arrived Wahweap Lodge & RV Park in the afternoon, so we had time enough, to relax at the pool with a fantastic view to Lake Powell and the out of the water rising canyon walls on the opposite side. The Wahweap Lodge & RV Park is located directly at the shore of Lake Powell and at the border to Utah.

.          Wahweap Marina, Lake Powell, AZ                 Lake Powell, view from Wahweap Lodge                          Sunset at Lake Powell

    day 06 travel dates:

    Route: Grand Canyon NP, AZ - Cameron, AZ - Page, AZ - Glen Canyon NRA, AZ - Wahweap, AZ
    Miles: today = 157 / total = 572
    Visiting: Grand Canyon NP, AZ & Cameron, AZ & Page, AZ & Glen Canyon NRA, AZ
    Night at Wahweap RV Park, Wahweap, AZ



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