day 03: Las Vegas

    .                     Luxor Hotel Food Court                                  Our Rental RV at the Oasis RV Resort                             Oasis RV Resort

After an early breakfast in the Luxor Food Court we where picked up by the El Monte shuttle bus, which drove us to the El Monte Las Vegas location, about 10 miles south on the Las Vegas Blvd. There we got our Rental RV. After emptying our suitcases and pack all contents into the RV we went to a Vons supermarket to fill up our refridgerator and storage with a lot of things to drink and eat. With the now filled up RV we drove to the nearby Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort. This is a big RV Park, located about 3 miles south of the city, wich has 2 very nice swimming pools, a hot spa and a lot more conveniences.


.   RV floorplan (day & night)

                     Our RV's license plate

                     Oasis RV Resort Pool


In the afternoon we enjoyed the swimming pools and hot spa at Oasis RV Resort. After swimming, Marilyn and Herman joined us at the RV Resort. Late afternoon we drove with Marylin and Herman to the Stratosphere Tower.

.           Petra & Nick at Oasis RV Resort                                 Oasis RV Resort Pool                                        Stratosphere Tower

The Stratosphere Tower is a 1149 ft (350 m) high building. The top floor is in a height of 921 ft (281 m). On the top floor you can ride a rollercoaster wich winds around the 228 ft (69 m) high mast. At the mast is a catapult, named Big Shot, wich brings you near the top end of the mast. At the time we where at the observation deck all rides with the rollercoaster and the catapult where canceld, because of to heavy winds. But instead we enjoyed the fantastic views you have in all directions. Especially the billions of lights and the colorful lit hotels and attractions.

After the wonderful trip to the Stratosphere Tower we were ready for a pizza. We got some very big and tasteful pizzas at the Pizza Hut Restaurant at 4808 S Maryland Pkwy. The staff was very nice and friendly and the pizzas some of the best we ever had.

.   Stratosphere T.                    Downtown from Stratosphere                                      The Strip from Stratosphere                 Stratosphere T.

    day 03 travel dates:

    First day with RV. Route: Las Vegas. Miles: today = 7 / total = 7
    Visiting Stratosphere Tower
    Night at Oasis RV Resort, Las Vegas, NV



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